Dawn of the Disbelief

from by NAJA

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Dawn of the Disbelief
1st track of EP "No Escape From Yourself"


we are just shooting stars - from the high sky to the ground
alone we live and then we fall -- as words in the mouth of a mute
is it so hard to realize -- with your acts you change your fate
superstition's everything -- we believe in

trust, they teach you trust, in false idols and gods
they're all sinners like you and me
life, now you tell me, what really life means to you
mesmerized by hypocrisy

This is a revolution
cmon and join us
we're angels without wings
we're devils in the streets
put doubts on everything
believe in nothing
a new dawn has arrived
and soon we'll fucking rise

Lift up your head, it's time to stand up
break your mental chains, show you're still alive

day after day you follow your way
no turning back your past fades to black
chase your inner light, there's hope yet to find
achieve possession of deeper
will to power

dawn of the disbelief

existence deconsecrated -- infected by deceits
cheaters and corrupters -- say goodbye to your temples
false idols and false gods


from No Escape From Yourself, released October 31, 2013




Naja Trieste, Italy

NAJA project takes living form in 2013 from the ashes of the thrash metal band Post Execution, best known in northern Italy and Slovenia, and they soon start working on the first EP called “No Escape From Yourself”. Their thrash metal is fast, raw, explosive and as the name says (Naja is a genus of snakes commonly referred to as cobras) venomous and lethal. ... more

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