Brain Detonation

from by NAJA

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Brain Detonation
4th track of EP "No Escape From Yourself"


walking by you feel untouchable
head up high looking from a throne
we are just puppets in
your spider web of deception and greed
hatred socialized
with double-dealing, conqueror of believers
but when you are all alone
helpless, weak, you're right you have to
fear me

no light illuminates your steps
none of your partners's here for you
how does it feel to be
an useless toy, nobody cares
in the bloody hands of fate
earth will take its deadly revenge
we who are about to die
won't leave you one more day

to my consternation
I see, you never
learn a thing
all mistakes done
in your past
they're leading us
to early graves

once so far in time where now lies an ocean of dust
there stood almighty mountains of our fathers
ancestors rise from the ground they slept for thousands of years
ready to hunt, slash never satisfied
and I'm asking is it worth it to pay this goddam price
are we aware, only we can decide

dismantle those pigs
and their privileges
I am the skull
and you are the bones
their language we speak
never give up
you moan so loud
hear you scream
all thumbs down
ghosts we are
echoes from the dead

with blood
avenge the ones
slew, get
on your knees and



from No Escape From Yourself, released October 31, 2013




Naja Trieste, Italy

NAJA project takes living form in 2013 from the ashes of the thrash metal band Post Execution, best known in northern Italy and Slovenia, and they soon start working on the first EP called “No Escape From Yourself”. Their thrash metal is fast, raw, explosive and as the name says (Naja is a genus of snakes commonly referred to as cobras) venomous and lethal. ... more

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