Beyond the Surface

from by NAJA

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Beyond the Surface
3rd track of EP "No Escape From Yourself"


I look into the mirror
I hardly can see
remains of the man I used to be
I try to hide away but nothing's the same

we run on thin threads
distortions and illusions spin around my head
fear and loneliness make us so cold
demons in our heart never knock twice

sick and tired of everybody
knowing what's the best for you
you'll reach soon the breaking point
disappointed by the living

they look at you like you were the mad one
just because they don't understand
follow my rhythm, abandon your shell
just bang your head and repeat to yourself

no, I'll reborn
from my pain
I won't die
die for it

thrash you give me strength a reason to
live, for you I'm always fighting

take sadness away I feel you inside electricity
shaking all my spine

you -- will - see - reality

I can stand on my own feet -- now
too much venom spilled from my eyes -- what?
thinking bout what's left behind
spit it out and just open your mind

sometimes it's hard
to handle this daily life
there's a window inside
each one of us
break it and just
jump out
beyond the surface

fly high

all of those unconscious pawns judging without knowing
all the good and bad is buried deep within us

fly above yourself body's just a narrow cell
step after step you'll see the reason to resist
thrash or be thrashed, hesitating no more


from No Escape From Yourself, released October 31, 2013




Naja Trieste, Italy

NAJA project takes living form in 2013 from the ashes of the thrash metal band Post Execution, best known in northern Italy and Slovenia, and they soon start working on the first EP called “No Escape From Yourself”. Their thrash metal is fast, raw, explosive and as the name says (Naja is a genus of snakes commonly referred to as cobras) venomous and lethal. ... more

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