No Escape From Yourself


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first EP No Escape From yourself by NAJA


released October 31, 2013




Naja Trieste, Italy

NAJA project takes living form in 2013 from the ashes of the thrash metal band Post Execution, best known in northern Italy and Slovenia, and they soon start working on the first EP called “No Escape From Yourself”. Their thrash metal is fast, raw, explosive and as the name says (Naja is a genus of snakes commonly referred to as cobras) venomous and lethal. ... more

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Track Name: Dawn of the Disbelief
we are just shooting stars - from the high sky to the ground
alone we live and then we fall -- as words in the mouth of a mute
is it so hard to realize -- with your acts you change your fate
superstition's everything -- we believe in

trust, they teach you trust, in false idols and gods
they're all sinners like you and me
life, now you tell me, what really life means to you
mesmerized by hypocrisy

This is a revolution
cmon and join us
we're angels without wings
we're devils in the streets
put doubts on everything
believe in nothing
a new dawn has arrived
and soon we'll fucking rise

Lift up your head, it's time to stand up
break your mental chains, show you're still alive

day after day you follow your way
no turning back your past fades to black
chase your inner light, there's hope yet to find
achieve possession of deeper
will to power

dawn of the disbelief

existence deconsecrated -- infected by deceits
cheaters and corrupters -- say goodbye to your temples
false idols and false gods
Track Name: The Black Stays Black
Obliterating your fortress
the castle of certainties
ghouls are back, I feel undead

you and I, we are floating into
the vacuum of a space so small
but still too big to see it all

I smell the breath of our bodies
while I'm walkin through the night 'n I lose myself into my mind

once a wise man told me son,
don't let emotions put you down.

I can see everything from above
I'm as free as an eagle

but I learnt a lesson here instead

a part of you will never shine
you'll always have one darker eye

the black stays black

wondering inside a
labyrinth of wasted souls

wherever you will go
you only catch shadows
'cause you know

there is no escape from yourself

long and sharp silver blade
cut our links to the world
can we grow from the blood
we drenched our sins with
Track Name: Beyond the Surface
I look into the mirror
I hardly can see
remains of the man I used to be
I try to hide away but nothing's the same

we run on thin threads
distortions and illusions spin around my head
fear and loneliness make us so cold
demons in our heart never knock twice

sick and tired of everybody
knowing what's the best for you
you'll reach soon the breaking point
disappointed by the living

they look at you like you were the mad one
just because they don't understand
follow my rhythm, abandon your shell
just bang your head and repeat to yourself

no, I'll reborn
from my pain
I won't die
die for it

thrash you give me strength a reason to
live, for you I'm always fighting

take sadness away I feel you inside electricity
shaking all my spine

you -- will - see - reality

I can stand on my own feet -- now
too much venom spilled from my eyes -- what?
thinking bout what's left behind
spit it out and just open your mind

sometimes it's hard
to handle this daily life
there's a window inside
each one of us
break it and just
jump out
beyond the surface

fly high

all of those unconscious pawns judging without knowing
all the good and bad is buried deep within us

fly above yourself body's just a narrow cell
step after step you'll see the reason to resist
thrash or be thrashed, hesitating no more
Track Name: Brain Detonation
walking by you feel untouchable
head up high looking from a throne
we are just puppets in
your spider web of deception and greed
hatred socialized
with double-dealing, conqueror of believers
but when you are all alone
helpless, weak, you're right you have to
fear me

no light illuminates your steps
none of your partners's here for you
how does it feel to be
an useless toy, nobody cares
in the bloody hands of fate
earth will take its deadly revenge
we who are about to die
won't leave you one more day

to my consternation
I see, you never
learn a thing
all mistakes done
in your past
they're leading us
to early graves

once so far in time where now lies an ocean of dust
there stood almighty mountains of our fathers
ancestors rise from the ground they slept for thousands of years
ready to hunt, slash never satisfied
and I'm asking is it worth it to pay this goddam price
are we aware, only we can decide

dismantle those pigs
and their privileges
I am the skull
and you are the bones
their language we speak
never give up
you moan so loud
hear you scream
all thumbs down
ghosts we are
echoes from the dead

with blood
avenge the ones
slew, get
on your knees and

Track Name: Hectic Paralysis
Will we burn in vain!?

sweaty like in an orgy of demons
hanged by fearful subconscious
nightmares force me in unnatural positions
they push me into grotesque worlds

around there are only spectral appearances
kissing hundreds rabid worms
gestures are frantically deranged
inside I scream is this fucking real!

He rides a blind white horse
he sits and gazes at me
evil's taking living

the more I try to move, the more I'm paralyzed
I fall in fluctuating dimensions
half-human visions got control of myself
the satyr's spirit is fucking

red-eyed snakes couple with flies
horror, the taste of my lucid dreams
my eyes are pale in a sleeping hell
which is going to awake
I feel like I'm losing my mind
am I going insane
I'm tied, chained to my bed
while horny shadows
drag me down loudly yelling
at me

it's like if someone had boiled my wishes
in the deep cauldron of hate
I hear the songs of undead women
it's a call of a mysterious and damned
is it real?
It's a forbidden place

will we burn in vain?!